Pediatric Gastroenterologist


If your child has problems with their digestive system, liver, or nutritional problems, a pediatric gastroenterologist is available to consult with the pediatricians as well and provide hands on treatment for your child.

Digestive, liver, and nutritional problems in children often are quite different from those seen in adults. Specialized training and experience in pediatric gastroenterology are important.


Services Include Treatment For:

Lactose intolerance

Food allergies or intolerances

Severe or complicated gastro- esophageal reflux

Inflammatory bowel disease

Acute or chronic abdominal pain


Chronic constipation

Chronic or severe diarrhea

Nutritional problems (including malnutrition, failure to thrive, and obesity)

Feeding disorders



If you wish to refer a patient to our pediatric gastroenterology specialist, please call (334) 566-7600.